After giving birth to five children and developing epilepsy, he abandoned me.

Mama Neema

Mama Neema is 50 years old and a mother of five children. She was abandoned long time ago by her husband because of her health issues. Mama Neema developed epilepsy after giving birth to her fifth child.

Her husband was a man who didn’t care and didn’t want any responsibility for his family, so he left.

Her children finished primary school, but her husband left them the moment they wanted to go to secondary school. Mama Neema couldn’t afford the school fees anymore so her children had to leave school.

Among the five children, only one of them supported Mama Neema. The others left and neither support her nor contact her.

She had a small business selling grilled maize (corn) which helped her to survive. However, when her epileptic attack started, she fainted during work and she sometimes had fallen into the fire. She couldn’t continue the business as her life was exposed to danger. From this moment, her youngest son, whom she is living with, has been helping and takes care of her.

Due to the lack of school education, her son is not able to make a lot of money. They can only afford to rent a really small house with one room, where they live together.

She has started a new business selling ground nuts, which is the beginning of a new start for her.

Mama Neema’s dream is to learn different skills at Perfect Vision, so that she can earn money for herself to add to her income.

She hopes eventually she can afford to rent a house with at least 2 rooms, so that she will have her own room.